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At Pasta D’Angelo we regularly collaborate with our foodservice partners in offering the following services.

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Product Development

Craving a completely new pasta product, our team will work with you to bring this to life. We can create the recipe for you based on your idea or simply enhance your inspiration. Our expertise shines through in the process of taking your thoughts and turning it into a finished product. Balancing the right mixture of herbs, cheese and spices along with the right consistency is an artform as much as it is food science. Our team has 30+ years of experience in getting this right. Feel free to reach out if you have an idea that needs to be brought to the world.

Retail Innovation

Are you a speciality retailer that is looking to offer pasta products for sale? If so you have come to the right place. We work with speciality retailers to offer our products as either private label or under the Pasta D’Angelo banner. We sell individual sized lasagna and cannelloni products as well as individual bagged stuffed pasta products. Give us a call and we can chat about your retail aspirations.

Manufacturing Collaboration

We collaborate with foodservice and speciality retailers who have unique fillings whether it be a special cheese or meat product that needs to be turned into a stuffed pasta. They provide the filling, and we turn it into a finished pasta product. We do provide support around the final taste and texture of the filling to ensure they work with our equipment. This service is offered to foodservice or speciality retailers who have sufficient volume to warrant a dedicated production run.

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If you're eager to experience the taste of our delectable products, don't hesitate to get in touch. Simply reach out, and depending on location we'll deliver a sample right to your doorstep. Let's connect over our shared passion.

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