Oven-Ready Products

Pasta D'Angelo has an abundant variety of gourmet pasta fillings that are available in an assortment of different stuffed pasta products.


Our oven ready meat lasagne is made with a rich chicken and beef tomato sauce and thick creamy cheesy béchamel sauce separated by our tender egg noodle. Our veggie lasagnes are packed full of healthy vegetables and cheeses, just the way nonna used to make it.


Our cannelloni are made using the best available ingredients. With cheese, meats or vegetables, following our old world recipes the final product is rich in flavour and ready to be sauced and baked.


We take our freshly made Lumache Shells and stuff them full our or savoury gourmet fillings, then we ship them directly to you ready to bake. These stuffed large tender pasta shells full of gourmet fillings make a wonderful entree.